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We are Sathwa Spa: a trusted brand in the spa and hospitality domain with 8 years of best-rated services in India under our belt. We have consistently proved ourselves in offering nothing less than the best spa services to our customers.

We take pride in conceptualizing, implementing, and developing premium quality spas all over the world. This is made possible by our team of hand-picked professionals who provide their expertise in designing and operating the spa smoothly with efficiency.

Let Us Help You Make Customer Stays Longer

The World as We Know It Has Transformed, and So Has Hospitality

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has left the deepest of scars in all our lives, with several businesses and ventures falling through the black hole. Hospitality is one of such industries that suffered the most. With lockdown and travel bans, from local to international, it was difficult to keep afloat. Now that the situation is becoming a little better and the wounds are healing, hotels are taking additional steps towards breathing life back into the system.

For that extra mile, ensuring a comfortable stay and top-notch in-room services just does not cut it anymore. You need something different that makes the customer feel special and their experience over the course of their stay memorable, so much so that they want to come back and add in to your loyal customer base. An in-house spa does exactly that.

We realize sooner than later that the customers actually need something that rejuvenates and relaxes them, especially in these stressful and vulnerable times. Think of the customer that stays at your hotel for a work trip. They come back after a long hard day at work, in need of something that helps calm them down and puts their mind at ease. A soft bed or a hot water bath would not make up for the ordeals taxing them the whole day. With our revitalizing spa sessions and the care of well-trained professionals, they might even extend their trip and stay as well.

About Our Team

Founded in 2002 by a Sathwa Spa has become a leading spa management and consultancy company. Sathwa Spa is engaged in business of providing Spa services at Resorts/Hotels in India and elsewhere, having the technical knowledge and experience in providing Spa services to the clients of the resorts/hotels.

I’m into the Spa business for the past 18 years. At first I took training, did a few courses, worked for Spas in the Maldives and came to India and started my spa business in hotels at Hampi, Bellary, Goa Murdheswar, Humbline and Hassan. Hence my research for you today on Spas.

Friends you may want to know, what a spa means. The term “spa” came from the term sanus per aquam; it covers a wide range of services and experiences. It includes massage, body scrub, body wrap and facial. The word spa was first used in ancient Greece and then in Rome to describe natural thermal springs.

What do they do at a spa? Here is my answer: The basic spa treatment includes massage body treatment, facial, manicure and pedicure. A Spa offers body massage and body treatment which is good combination. There are different types of spas: the first spa is Ayurvedic Spa, which originated in India; it is the oldest known health practice in the world. The other spas are boot camp spas, club spas, resort spas, mineral spring spas and destination spas.

Now let me share with you the top ten benefits of spa treatment. A visit to a spa can be the most luxurious and relaxing of visits. It can help you de-stress yourself. It helps anti ageing by stimulating skin cells and hydrating them. It promotes good sleep and relieves all pain. The problems areas when massaged well can bring you a good healthy feeling. A spa supports weight loss. Hot spa treatment opens up the skin pores and helps the body to ward off toxins and also burn out calories. Fatty deposits in the body are broken down through the pressure and friction exerted on the skin during the massage. There is a need to diet and exercise too and that is suggested by the spa staff. This is essential to see amazing results.

Spa treatment improves blood flow and circulation. Spa t treatment prevents varicose veins which are caused by long hours of standing. This spa massage helps you get rid of yourself of varicose veins which trouble teachers, doctors and nurses. Among the many benefits, spa treatment has a biological effect on your body and mind and spirit. Massages release serotonin which is a hormone connected with happiness. So spa greatly boosts your confidence and work level. Spa head massage reduces headaches. Above all spa treatment promotes a radiant skin. Facials help the skin to glow particularly during winter, when the skin gets dry. A massage at the spa does wonders.

So dear friends, what are you waiting for? After listening to my research, I’m sure you will decide on treatment at a spa, the best gift you can off yourself. Do visit a spa or book your stay at my Spa at a scenic centre at Murdeshwar. You can truly relax -and give yourself the much deserved rest and holiday. Are you ready? I even offer you good Toastmaster’s discount. Remember its ANU who shared her rich research on Spas.

The founder partners of Sathwa Spa hold a combine experience of 20+ years in international spa operations with a profile ranging from managerial and technical experience.





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